Divisoria Haul: Dream Catcher Materials

Divisoria is the place where you find everything that you need without having spending so much of money. And it is the place where you need a lot of patience and you must ask the prices first if you want to buy the cheapest price of that material. There are a lot of boutiques, stores and malls that you can buy whatever you needed.

I went to Divisoria — specifically in Tabora Street. Tabora Street is the street that you can buy craft materials for your DIY or home decors in a cheapest price. I went there because I got interested to create DIY Dream Catcher that I’ve seen in Pinterest.

I bought there the wooden rings, crochet yarn, beads, lace ribbon, E 600 glue, feathers, and key chain hooks. So I am going to list the prices of each down below along with there pictures:

Wooden Rings:

Small: 250 php for 100 pcs

Medium: 12 php for 1 pc but if you’re going to buy in wholesale, they will give you discount.

Crochet Yarn:

1 box contains 12 pcs of different yard colors: 235php

1 crochet yarn: 35php


I got mine in Wellmanson for 50 php only.

Lace Ribbon:

1 yard is for 13 php

E-600 Glue:

Small: 180


1 yard for 50 php.

Keychain Hooks:

100 pcs for 40 php

(Reminder: When you are planning to go to Divisoria you must have a tons of patience, roam around and ask the prices first before purchasing because sometimes, the other stores have a lower prices.)


Event: Shawn Mendes Live in Manila

March 18, 2017

I attended Shawn Mendes’ first concert here in Philippines. Before that, I bought/ purchased my ticket with my best friend in SM MOA. I was excited back then, but when October came they re-scheduled it on March 18, 2017. It is okay for me because October last year was a damn hell.

So go back to the concert, me and my things for my concerts were prepared. Like I am fooking prepared because this is my first time, alone attending a concert.

On that day, I woke up early like 6:00 in the morning and prepared my things. I went there 12:00 in the afternoon and ate our lunch in KFC. I waited for Shawn in the back of the arena along with my Mendes Army. I met my Internet besties/ Concert buddies, although they were in Gen. Ad. and me was in Lower Box A. I met new people – friends.

When I was inside, I freaking out like OMG!!! Then, the show came out and it was all freaking GREAT!!!!! Like I shouted till my mouth went dry and cried of course because I am so proud of him. OMG!!! I could not believe that I saw him with my two eyess. I heard his voice, it sounds like in the videos that I watched and listened. His voice is naturally natural (WHAT THE F IS I AM SAYING). All in all, his performance was jaw-dropping. I couldn’t believe it was so fast :(.

I went home happy and sad. PCD IS REAL :<.