Beauty: Evening Skin Routine

Bonjour! It’s me, Ice. Welcome to my new post.

For today’s blog post, I will going to make my Evening Skin Routine.


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Evening Skin routine is very important part of our day. Because it is like treating or taking care of your skin throughout the whole tiring day. It will cleanse your face and make your face looking good.

So here, I am going to start.

First, I use Bioré Cleansing Oil to remove dirt or make-uo from my face. I am usually do it for 4 minutes. I do it in circular motion. Then, after that, I wash it with lukewarm water. Second, I wash my face with Celeteque or Simple Facial wash and I, also do it in circular motion. It feels refreshing, though. And it gives you a cooling effect on your face. Third is, I use Simple Micellar Water as my toner. It is great face toner because it has no scent, alcohol free, and can use it as make-up remover. Then, fourth is Clean and Clear Moisturizer. To hydrate my face. Fifth is, I put eyelift cream, which is Quick FX, under my eyes and also, in my eyelids to avoid puffiness. Sixth is, I put my Burt’s Bees Promegranate flavor lip balm or Vaseline lip therapy lip balm because my lip gets dry easily. And lastly, my Castor Oil for my lashes and eyebrows to grow them because I do not have long lashes and thick brows.

Beside that, I also exfoliate like 3 times a week. I used Lush’s Cup o’ Coffee face and body mask. I really love that because of the scent of coffee and then, the coffee ground on your face. I put it on my face and spread it for 10-15 minutes. I massage it until the coffee grounds dissolve and wash it with water. I put also, facial mask to moisturize and nourishment of my face. I use Watson’s facial masks. I use also, the Vedette Honey peeling mask and Clay mask. I also use Beauty Fix’ Nose and Watson’s Nose Pore Strip packs for minimizing my pores and white or blackheads.


• Do not hold or touch your face with hand constantly.

• Wash your hands first (before putting Cleansing Oil or Facial Cleanser) with anti-bacterial soap or use alcohol.

•  Keep your hair away from your face.

• If products get your face makes itchy or irritate, do not use it. It might be worsen your face if you still use it, though.

• Consult on doctor on skin or Dermatologist first before using any products on your face even in body skin.

• Use products that are suitable for your skin or skin types. Determine first what your skin type is. (Dry, Sensitive, or Oily).

• Testing first the product if it suitable for you and for your skin.

• Exfoliate three times a week.

• Do this routine every single day to have best results.

Price list of products:

Bioré Cleansing Oil – 499php (Watson’s)

Celeteque Facial Cleanser (75ml) – 150php (In all stores in PH) I got mine in Salad Box PH

Simple Facial Cleanser – 399-499php

Simple Micellar Water – 499php

Clean and Clear Moisturizer (50ml) – ranges 80- 100php

Quick FX eyelift cream in sachet pack (10g) – 99php (Watson’s)

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (4.25g) – 225php

it has many flavors but I got pomegranate flavor. Available flavors: Honey, Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut and Pear, Ultra Conditioning, Acai Berry, Vanilla Bean, Mango, Beeswax (this is the original of Burt’s Bees lip balm), and Wild Cherry.

Vaseline lip theraphy balm – ranges 70-100php (Watson’s and Landmark)

Castor Oil – 300php I got mine in Mercury Drugstore.

Lush’s Cup o’ Coffee Mask (250g) – 995php 445php (10g) I got mine in Lush Store in Robinsons Magnolia.

Watson’s facial mask – 55php

Beauty Fix Pore minimizer and whitehead remover – ranges 80php up.

Watson’s Nose Pore Strip (10pcs.) – 129php

I hope you guys like my another blog post.

Au revoir!

[DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging anything. These products are not sponsored. I bought them with my own money and some of them are just giveaways or whatever. This blog post will just to give you some tips and advices. I am no professional in skin care but this is just a guide for you guys.]


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