Travel: Venice Grand Canal Mall

Venice Grand Canal in a night view mode.

Hey, I am back again. Welcome to my first Ice Aventure Diaries!

May 4, 2017, me and my friends went to BGC and Venice Grand Canal mall to roam around.

Around 4 pm, we went in Venice Grand Canal mall to see the Gondola and the lights when the night comes. When we were there ( it was not my first time but) the buildings are so colorful – they painted such a pleasant in the eyes. Then, I went in KFC to buy a meal and my friends were in McDo to buy their own foods.

Fast forward to 7pm, we went in one of the bridge there and saw the beautiful Venice Grand Canal mall in night view mode. Ahhh! It’s so pretty during night. As you can see in the slideshow, the lights are so great and I really want to ride the Gondola but I didn’t have too much money that time (because the 1 person per ride is 350php). So we just picture taking, roam around in the mall and window shopping.

It was all worth it guys even if you don’t ride the gondola 🙂

February 2017

(When I first time came here, me and my classmate rode this Gondola for our project.)


Venice Grand Canal Mall in Afternoon view mode




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