DIY AESTHETIC: Gratitude Sparkly Jar

IMG_7833Hey, it’s Ice.
Welcome to my new DIY content.
Tonight, my DIY is about Sparkly Gratitude Jar inspired by Jordan Clark in YouTube. I did it because it was so cute and I, also love glittery and sparkly DIYs. And this DIY is so easy and the materials needed is easy to find in your house or in malls.
Materials needed:
• Jar (any size you want). Mine, I got small ’cause I really love cute things and I bought this from DIVISORIA (Tabora Street) for 10 pesos.

• Beads
• Glitters
• Shaker Beads

• Paper and Ribbon (for the gratitude letter).

First, get your jar and fill it up with beads, glitters or anything you want to look it cute or fancy. Next if you want to add details on your jar, you can decorate it with ribbons or beads. After you do that, write a letter for why are you so grateful for today or a gratitude letter, and roll it and tie a ribbon around, and put it on jar.
Do this everyday.

(Disclaimer: I want to give credits to Jordan Clark because I got this idea from her. Love lots .x)


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